Truly Portable

Chest Compressions are Critical to Survival

The ROSC-U™ Miniature Chest Compressor weighs only 7.4 pounds, and is about the same size as a standard one pound coffee can. With such a compact size, light weight and 3 hours of use per charge, ROSC-U™ is a truly portable mechanical CPR device. This life critical equipment can be simply stored in emergency vehicles or on crash carts without taking up vital space for other lifesaving equipment.

Small but Mighty

Most importantly, ROSC-U™ delivers the depth and consistent compression rate needed for vital oxygen circulation. The ROSC-U™ not only delivers portability but it also performs CPR in the most challenging of circumstances with ease and reliability.

ROSC-U™ has been likened to a Hybrid device providing both Sternal Displacement (piston effect) and Circumferential Chest Compression (load distribution effect) simultaneously.


  • First responders have experienced difficulty using other mechanical devices due to their size, shape, and weight
  • Mechanical chest compression is as reliable and as accurate as human hands
  • The key to saving a cardiac arrest victim is action, not assessment