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The Weil™ Mini Chest Compressor

Resuscitation International, LLC’s Weil™ Mini Chest Compressor is currently saving lives. This truly portable mechanical chest compressor provides a reliable method of mechanical CPR to assist emergency and hospital personnel in providing quality CPR to patients. The Weil™ Mini provides consistent chest compressions resulting in uninterrupted CPR. It is built specifically to deliver the American Heart Association recommended depth and rate of chest compression for optimal circulation restoration during sudden cardiac arrest.

Our goal at Resuscitation International is to provide a portable, simple, reliable, and affordable solution for CPR to help save lives worldwide. The Weil™ Mini Chest Compressor can deliver what no human can…every time, anywhere.

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“New mechanical CPR device lighter, smaller”

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)

  • #1 Cause of Death  (9)
  • Can happen to anyone anytime, many victims appear healthy with no known heart disease or other risk factors  (3)
  • 450,000 die each year in the US  (4)
  • One person dies every two minutes of SCA  (2)
  • Less than 8% of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside the hospital survive  (3)
  • In-hospital cardiac arrest yields only an overall survival of 17% (16)